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National and State Parks   Yellowstone National Park is only 65 miles to the southwest of the property. Glacier National Park is farther away. Montana has many National monuments, historic sites and national recreation sites. There are also many Montana State Parks. For more information visit the Livingston Chamber of Commerce.
Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone
Local Artists   Jerry Morang is a local artist with a studio, Images In Steel, near Clyde Park.
If you fly into the Bozeman airport, you will see several bronze works by Burl Jones. There is a gallery in Livingston that carries the works of Burl Jones and several other Montana artists. The gallery's name is Burl Jones Roche Jaune Galerie.
Images In Steel
  Other local artists and art galleries include Russell Chatham, Gary Holland, Carol Newbury Howe, Bill O'Neill, and Amber Jean. For other art galleries in Livingston, see Livingston Galleries
For any who might be interested in designer clothes of the western look, check out Women of the Wild West. Native American artist Nancy Ann Fonicello is located in Wilsall.
Property for Sale   There are several properties for sale near Section 15. One is a 320 acre ranch called Rock Creek Hideaway. Another is a spectacular ranch called Moreland Sheep Mountain Cattle Ranch, which consists of 15,000 acres of deeded land, 600 acres of leased land, and over 3 miles of National Forest boundary. Part of this property borders Section 15 on the east.
Here are some other real estate links in the Livingston area.
Golden Eagle Realty
Larry Jordan Century 21
Payne Realty
Pam McCutcheon-Real Estate
Tom Gierhan, Realtor
Western Land Office
Your Home in Montana
Rock Creek Hideaway

Moreland Sheep Mountain Ranch
History   There are many places near Livingston where a person can get in touch with the historical West. A good place to start is with Livingston's Museums. Reports by Lewis and Clark after their historic trek across the Montana Territory attracted the adventurous to the area's resources. Trappers, traders, and prospectors were the first to arrive. After the discovery of gold in the 1880's came the settlers.
Livingston, Montana
Scenic Drives   Here is a list of Scenic Drives. in Park County. The Crazy Mountains Loop is a nice day trip --- on the way you might want to stop at the Charles M. Bair Museum in Martinsdale.
Celebrities   Ted Turner has a 120,000-acre ranch outside of Bozeman. In Livingston, Jeff Bridges has a home and owns a coffee shop.
Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid also have a home in Livingston. Near Big Timber, 30 miles east of Livingston, Tom Brokaw, Michael Keaton, and Whoopi Goldberg all have ranches.
Mel Gibson has a ranch a little farther east, near Columbus. Kiefer Sutherland, Emilio Estevez, Joe Montana, Christopher Lloyd, Huey Lewis, and Andie McDowall all have homes in western Montana.
Buffalo on Turner's Ranch

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